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SWPPPs Compliance (QSD & QSP)

So Cal Sandbags, Inc. offers a wide array of SWPPPs Compliance & Consulting Services.  From the initial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) development to filing the Notice of Termination (NOT), we are here to guide you through the steps to insure you stay compliant with all facets of government regulations.

SWPPPs, WPCPs, WPCDs & Erosivity Waivers

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) are required for projects 1 acre or larger. During this process we will complete the risk level assessment and generate all necessary documentation and plans for submittal to the State Water Resources Control Board.  This process is typically a 7 to 10 business day turn around.
  • Water Pollution Control Plans (WPCP) are often required by cities that are more stringent with the their storm water requirements. These plans are a shortened version of the full SWPPP Book when the project does not require state approval due to size or scope of work.
  • Water Pollution Control Drawings (WPCD) are a simple design of a SWPPP plan to show what needs to be implemented on the site as Best Management Practices (BMP).
  • In some cases we can assist you with obtaining an Erosivity Waiver if the project is smaller than 5 acres and meets certain criteria during the risk level assessment process.


Storm Water Consulting & Training

  • With a large staff of highly experienced and trained storm water professionals we are ready to implement and maintain all of your site needs. We can help keep your site in compliance from start to finish including the times that the site doesn’t look the approved plans.
    • Adjustments or amendments to the approved plans to fit site conditions & activities
    • Maintenance schedules & budgeting
    • Dewatering plans for rain events or ground water issues
    • And more
  • So Cal offers in person or virtual training for your staff that meets the annual certification requirements for SWPPPs training. These classes range in time from 2 to 4 hours depending on the topics to be covered and the levels of previous training in attendance.  If you are having issues with your trades not understanding the regulations you are being held to, we recommend setting up a class for the trades to attend as part of the correction process.


Storm Water Multiple Application & Reporting Tracking System (SMARTS)

So Cal can help you navigate the SMARTS system that can often be confusing to those who do not use it on a regular basis.

  • Initial Legally Responsible Person (LRP) account setup
  • Notice of Intent (NOI) filing
  • Erosivity Waiver Application filing
  • Changes of Information (COI)
  • Annual Reports are due by September 1st of each year for the reporting period of July 1st to June 30th.
  • Uploading of Ad hoc reports for storm water sample results on risk level 2 & 3 sites
  • Notice of Termination (NOT)
  • General account maintenance & monitoring
  • Replacement of LRP